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Education in the U.S. is unjust.

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Beacon is both a short (2017) and forthcoming feature documentary film (2022) that follows three students as they make the leap across the education gap. 

Meleah, Makai and Exavion are Boston-area public middle-schoolers who by 8th grade rank far below their suburban peers. They take a chance entering Beacon Academy, a 14-month program between middle and high school that aims to help public school students prepare to apply to some of the best private high schools in the country.


What is the cost of this incredible transition? As seniors, four years later, these students revisit their life-changing year and reflect on that question.

We are hard at work raising the funds to edit, create graphics for, and finalize this film. Interested in supporting this work? Send us an email!

This 10 minute teaser of the feature film includes new footage from 2021.


from Mission Park, MA

"If I was at my other school, I'd probably be like one of those 'cool kids,' but one that's not learning nothing at all."

Dream High School: Dublin School


from Brighton, MA

"I always imagined going off to these big colleges, but I didn't even know grammar." 

Dream High Schools: Concord Academy, Milton Academy,

Williston Northampton School


from Brockton, MA

"At my old school, they just expected us to pass through the year not to do anything with our lives -- or if they did they didn't show it too well. "

Dream High School: Tabor Academy

What is


Beacon Academy is an extra year of instruction between 8th and 9th grade, designed to create an environment that allows promising public school students from the Greater Boston Area to become competitive applicants for New England's top college-prep boarding schools.

How does Beacon Academy work?

  • Beacon Academy selects 20-25 students each year for its 11-month program that runs from the summer through the spring

  • Guidance counselors and teachers within Boston Public middle schools recommend promising students to apply to Beacon Academy

  • Students enter Beacon after finishing 8th grade in a Greater Boston Area public school, and choose to enter Beacon instead of continuing to high school in their neighborhood public schools

  • Student enter Beacon, on average, at the 5th grade reading level

  • Students receive scholarships to attend independent college preparatory boarding high schools throughout New England


Students anticipate high school 


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